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Tom Gooders Tree Surgery 07817572291

13 - Oct - 2011

All aspects of tree work professionally undertaken


The Firewood and Chippings


Tom Gooders Tree Surgery can provide you with all your logs and firewood requirements, ​from offering you advise on managing the process of keeping your fire wood to supplying you with logs or firewood,

Timber that has been processed so it will fit straight into your fire/woodburner.
We can deliver processed wood in 2 different load sizes:

Metre square bag (bulk bag) - POA

Level load in the back of a landrover pickup - POA

Aromatic logs

We can deliver small bags of logs, which when burnt on an open fire produce a pleasant aroma these include- Apple, Cherry, Plum, Eucalyptus

These would be ideal for pubs or bars, where other burning woods smoke can be intrusive.


Two different types of chippings are available from us these are-

Fresh wood chips which are ideal for all areas of garden as a natural surface for barbecue, playgrounds and muddy area.

Seasoned wood chips, which have been left for about a year to rot down are perfect for putting on you flower beds to keep weeds down, using as a path, as they allow water to drain away and also as livestock bedding.

Chippings can be purchased in bags weighing between 25kg and 700kg or a land rover back load.

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